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How to Buy a Phone System

How to Buy a Phone System

Choosing your new phone system is as simple as choosing a phone number and the number of phones you require. From this we can setup your new phone system fully configured and ready to go. Our services are all contract free, so no long commitment to 5 years although if a customer prefers to be in contract we are able to offer this for a 12 month period and able to fix prices for this period. 


We can either supply and install or simply supply for DIY install. The process for both is based around the following decisions :


    1. Choose a Phone Number – To receive calls you will require a phone number and this can be for any area in the UK. As an example you can have a local number to you, i .e. if you are in Exeter you would use an 01392 number or it can be any area code, e.g you can have an office in Exeter but are supplied a London 0207 number. The third option is to go national with an 0800 or 0330 number. Whatever you choose a number can be supplied for £5 per month although if you decide to bring your own number there is an initial £30 porting fee, then £5 per month.



    2. The number of extensions – An extension will be required for each desk or walkabout phone you require. So 6 people using 4 phones will require 4 extensions. When you select 1 or more extensions, we supply you with a fully functional hosted phone system with a no fee setup.


    3. Phone Handsets – For each extension you will require a phone handset, and these can either be a desk phone, walkabout or a softphone, which is software that runs on your computer and allows you to make and take calls. Phones range from £50 to £200 depending on the features you require. We are happy if you BYOD (bring your own device) and are happy to advise the compatibility prior to going ahead with the next step.


    4. Call handling – This is managed within the hosted phone system (PBX). When calls are received we can setup how they will be answered by who and when. There are options for what to do with calls when you are busy, such as diverting to voicemail or your Call Answering Service – Casi.


    5. Call costs – You can select either an all inclusive landline/Mobile option for £5 per month or pay as you go. With P.A.Y.G, Calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers are 2p per minute, calls to mobiles and 0845 are 5p per minute. Most of Europe and the USA are 2p. If you have an 0800 number then there is a 5p per minute for the incoming part of the call.



We can either supply the system and phones setup to connect or can supply technicians to site to setup, configure and give training on the use of the system. In both cases we supply feature and function sheets and web guides for using the system.


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