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4G Solution

4G Solution



Is your internet connection extremely slow or does it drop out constantly?  Do you wish there was an alternative to dial up or slow ADSL? If so you have come to the right place.


Numberite does more than offer flexible and cost-effective phone systems, we also supply 4G solutions to provide up to 80Mbs download and 40Mbs upload speeds without the need for an additional BT line and broadband. Using the latest 4G routers we can offer speeds which will equal Fibre lines over the mobile phone network.


If you can get connected on your mobile phone then we can supply either an in-office solution or for those in more rural locations where broadband signals are insufficient, a roof mounted aerial solution will get you connected. 


By using this option we have made it possible for many businesses to receive a better connection and thus allowing them to get on with running their business.   We also supply short-term contracts to provide a solution for damaged phone lines or whilst waiting for leased lines to be installed.




Dual SIM – 1 live/1 fallback

Our 4G routers are supplied pre-configured with a SIM fitted and ready to go live. The router can directly replace a standard ADSL router to manage the network, DHCP and DNS.


For businesses who prefer guaranteed connectivity, we can supply a second SIM on an alternative mobile network to keep you going. Where one mobile network could drop out the router will switch to a second.



Our 4G solution can be used as a permanent internet connection for your business or used for temporary offices.


We employ a number of processes to ensure the 4G solution will work at your office which includes web checks to determine transmitter distance and terrain mapping.  We will also carry out a site visit to confirm the 4G solution is available in your location. 


Our SIM’s are either O2 or Vodafone and we offer packages for a few Gigabit per month up to 1 Terabyte. We also supply single SIM deals or where a number of solutions are required for a shared package.


We can supply SIM’s with voice and SMS packages all available on a month to month basis.  Please contact us for a quotation.