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Tele-Conference Room

TeleConference Room



A Teleconference Room is a location that 2 or more people can speak together over the phone. Conference rooms can be set up for you as a standalone service or part of your Numberite VoIP Phone System (you do not need a VoIP phone system or any equipment to use our teleconference service)  


Teleconferening can be set up as a standalone service for as little as £3.00 per day for upto 5 people or £10.00 per month.  With a Numberite phone system you can have 3 x 5 person rooms included. With the standalone service you can book a date and time when you want to have a conversation with others by calling 01392 241666 or email  



Each person can call into a conference room from their home, office or mobile phone. Please read further on how teleconferencing works.  










The room can then be accessed by calling the local or national number supplied for your room, from any landline or mobile phone and greeted by a welcome message. There are options to allow Pin codes to secure the room and also to allow the person entering the conference to announce their name.


Stand-alone conference rooms for up to 5 people can be booked for £3.00 per day on an adhoc basis or if you need to use the service daily or weekly £10.00 per month.  Payment can be made via bacs transfer, debit or credit card. There are no additional fees unless you require a 0800 number as your national number which would incur inbound call fees.