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Second Business Line

Second Line – 1 User Phone System


Having spent years looking at solutions to business, Numberite can offer the small business owner the “Single-User Phone System” which includes a Single Business Phone Number and 1 Phone Extension Phone System.


Simply, we supply a Business Phone Number for the area of your choice and a desk phone which connects to a Numberite Phone System with a single extension. This will allow you to make and receive calls at discounted prices. See our “Phone Systems” pages for more details. The Numberite “Single-User” phone system is only £10 per month against a standard landline for £15.83 per month, with calls to other landlines for 2p and mobiles 5p. Calls to most of Europe and the USA are 2p per minute.


Additionally, the phone and number are portable, so should you move the phone and number move with you.


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