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10 Reasons To Use A Business Phone Number

10 Reasons To Use A Business Phone Number

The following are 10 reasons why you should promote your business with a landline Business Phone Number



1)  Look professional and established – have a business number that diverts calls to your mobile


2)  Track advertisements or marketing using our online portal – different numbers are used for different ads 


3)  Move to a different area – Take your business number with you


4)  Advertise to another area – Live in Exmouth but advertise with an Exeter business number


5)  Employee local numbers – if your employees or remote workers are a distance from your office, these numbers can help keep the call charges down


6)  Supplier numbers – If you have a number of suppliers in a different area code, this will allow them to dial a local number but still get through to your office


7)  Approval numbers – looking to win contracts in a different area, these numbers can help you to appear local


8)  Advertise nationally – if your business demographic is UK wide choose from  0330 or 0800 numbers to advertise your service


9)  Virtual fax – “Fax to Email” – save the cost of a line dedicated to a fax, a number can be issued which will receive faxes and send to email with an attached PDF


10) Staff DDI numbers – allow each member of staff to advertise individual DDI or “Direct Dial In” (numbers) and track there use


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