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Phone System Functions

Following are the functions and features of the Numberite Phone System. There is a full guide here on using the phone system and guide here for the portal access.

Auto Attendant


This manages incoming calls and is the familiar, “Press 1 for Sales..” message. You can record your own messages and these can be linked to Hunt groups, Call groups or individual extensions. DID YOU KNOW! – you can add secret numbers (ie don’t announce the number to press and your staff can short cut through the announcement”)


Call Forwarding


We can setup calls to be forwarded to your mobile when you are out of the office or voicemail which would send the message to your email.


Call Groups


Where you work with colleagues we can group your phones together so they all ring at the same time, anyone can answer the call.


Call Parking


This is similar to the placing someone on hold, but this way another person can pick the call up by entering the parking extension.


Call Pickup


If you can hear a phone ringing in the office but unsure who’s, by entering ** and pressing send you can answer the call at your own phone.


Call Queue


Similar to Auto-Attendant, a call queue can be used to stack calls and allow more calls to be handled than you have phones for. There are options for how the queue works and can be set to divert to another department or voicemail if they have been holding on too long.


Call Recording


All calls to and from the phone system are automatically recorded as part of our built in system.  Allowing for review or keeping records of all conversations. This function can be disabled if preferred for any extension.


Call Transfer


When a call you receive is for another person it can be redirected to them with the press of 2 button.


Call Whisper


This feature can be setup to whisper the name or number of the incoming caller.


Call Stats


Using the Numberite portal you can review call statistics such as the number of incoming or outgoing calls, how long calls lasted etc.


Caller ID


All calls are set to show who called and if the system is pre-programmed. This will show the name of the person relating to the number.




The phone system can be setup with multiple conference rooms to allow meetings via phones to be held. This can be internal phones or external callers. The external callers can either call in and be forwarded to the conference room or you can use a dedicated number for them to call.


DND – Do Not Disturb


When you are busy or away from your desk, by pressing the DND button calls will not ring your phone and will follow the busy path set on your phone.


Hot Desk Extension


Hot desking allows you to sit at any phone in your office, enter a code and all calls you your usual extension to ring through to your phone.


Hunt Group


Hunt groups allow calls to ring between different extensions and find someone to answer.


Incoming Call Rule


Incoming call rules can be implemented to manage different times of the day or days of the week, to allow busy departments to overflow to quiet ones.


Message Player


These are similar to Voicemail, but do not allow the caller to leave a message. These are good for announcing information before a call is answered. Such as “All calls are recorded”.


Music On Hold


There are a number of pre-recorded music tracks available, but if you record your own this can be set to play which your lines are busy or people are on hold.




Most desk phones can act as an intercom, where they can be set to answer a call without the handset being lifter or speak button pressed. This is useful where people are not sat at their desk such as in a kitchen.


PBX Portal


This is a web site setup for you to access the functions detailed on this page.


Speed Dial


There are a number of options for dialling numbers quickly, including pre-set buttons on the phone, external extensions – where external numbers are allocated a 3 digit extension and phonebooks.


Timed Extensions


These allow incoming calls to be managed differently on set times and dates.  For instance calls outside of work hours can be routed to go directly to voicemail.




Each phone or company can be set with voicemail and when messages are left can either be accessed via the desk phone, indicated by a red light, via the portal or can be set to email a WAV file.