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Running a business from home


Running a business from home has obvious advantages, low overheads, zero commuting time however you will still need to run a professional and efficient business and having the right  phone system to manage your calls needs to be considered.  


Numberite can offer businesses working from home a number of phone solutions from 1 user systems upwards which can be tailor made to meet the needs of the business as it grows.   


We can  supply a “Single-User” Phone System which allows your phone number(s) to be answered on a desk phone and allows you to call out as the same business number. See our Phone Systems page for more info.


Numberite also supply innovative “Virtual Phone Numbers” which offer great advantages and flexibility to the home business. Virtual numbers are explained here and view our video to see how they can benefit your business.


We can also install a new PSTN – Landline on a business package, to ensure a quick UK customer service response if any issues arise. Business broadband gives low contention, greater reliability and a better up-time.






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Working from home can be a challenge but with a Numberite Phone System, home workers are fully incorporated in to the system. Each home worker can be supplied a desk or walk-about phone which allows them to make and take calls as if in the office. With calls to and from the office to home for free.



All calls in and out are logged and if required can be listened in to for training, or can be recorded to allow review later. All phones have “Busy Lights”, so you can see when they are on the phone and there are options for “Direct Dial”, to allow the worker to receive calls directly from clients or suppliers.


Numberite can supply phone lines and business quality broadband at workers home on a month-to-month basis, so no 12 or 24 months as other suppliers. Ensuring the worker has a dedicated internet connection separate from other members of the workers family.


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