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  I thought I would share a few questions and our answers, we were recently asked by a very inquisitive client, (yes we supplied them a system).      Q1. What is Numberite all about?   A1. Numberite was started 8 years ago by Mark and Pauline Bonito to service ongoing client relationships with telecoms solutions. We found that clients were facing huge bills for telecoms and wanted to add value...

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  Whether you are a start-up business working from home or planning to move your business into office space there are a number of considerations when looking to move to an IP Phone System.      1. Broadband     When choosing an IP Phone System choosing a broadband package that gives you sufficient bandwidth is an important factor.   You may already be using up bandwidth to run other business systems...

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Virtual Numbers

  Do you wish you could have a Landline number which rings your mobile?   Well with a Business Phone Number you can. The landline number can be used as an incoming number that rings your mobile or even another landline.   Most businesses set up using a mobile phone, and whilst this is easy and relatively cheap can you be sure it gives your business the right impression?   Likely...

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Tracking phone numbers

    Do you wish you could track how your marketing and advertising is working for you? Have you spent £1000’s on your website and want to know if people are calling from viewing this? Do you have expensive adverts running on the radio, in magazines or on social media?   If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then using a tracking phone number can help you...

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Slow ADSL - Try a User Profile Reset

I have heard lots of times from clients and friends that their internet is running slowly and that they cannot do anything about this.   Well, there are lots of things you can do, but the easiest is something not many people will mention. It is called a “User Profile Reset” or “IP Reset”.   First the “What to do” - Pick up the phone and call your ISP and...

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The following are 10 reasons why you should promote your business with a landline Business Phone Number     1)  Look professional and established - have a business number that diverts calls to your mobile   2)  Track advertisements or marketing using our online portal – different numbers are used for different ads    3)  Move to a different area – Take your business number with you   4)  Advertise to another area – Live...

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