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Running a business from home


If you find yourself  currently working from home, Numberite can help you to continue to answer your business calls and keep in touch with employees by using  a Numberite VoIP Phone System.  We provide this service to a one person business through to larger SME’s. Set up can be achieved within a number of days so you can continue working from home to manage your calls.  Details  can be found here .  If you would like to discuss your requirements please call on 01392 241666 or email    


Running a business from home has many advantages too, low overheads, zero commuting time however you will still need to run a professional and efficient business and having a reliable call management  process to needs to be considered.


Initially when you first start your business you are likely to be using your private mobile and home landline, but we would ask you to consider using a Business Phone Number which can manage your calls more efficiently and professionally. There are lots of options to manage your calls and importantly make sure your  clients get to speak to you.     


Numberite can offer businesses working from home a number of phone solutions from a Business Phone Number to a 1 user phone systems upwards which can be tailor-made to meet the needs of the business as it grows.   


We can supply a “Single-User” Phone System which allows your Business Phone Number(s) to be answered on a desk phone and allows you to call out as the same business number.


We can also offer a professional Call Answering Service which will take calls when you are busy working. So never lose work and give a professional image to clients.