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Questions we are frequently asked…


Questions we are frequently asked…


I thought I would share a few questions and our answers, we were recently asked by a very inquisitive client, (yes we supplied them a system). 



Q1. What is Numberite all about?


A1. Numberite was started 8 years ago by Mark and Pauline Bonito to service ongoing client relationships with telecoms solutions. We found that clients were facing huge bills for telecoms and wanted to add value to an already valued business. Numberite specialises in supporting small business from 1 to 20 users, with tracking phone numbers and IP phone systems. Being small and local to Exeter and East Devon, we have steadily built our client base, who value speaking to a local company with good pricing and great services. Take a look at our Testimonial  page showcasing businesses we have been able to support for a number of years.  



Q2. What do you do that other telecoms companies don’t do?


A2. We have found that larger telecoms companies are all about long contracts, maximising return and tying the client to them. We have taken the decision to focus on customer service and good value for money, with great products and solutions. All our services are on a no-contract basis, which, we hope gives the client the confidence that we will always give the best service and products that we can.



Q3. By offering a no-contract option are you worried you will be suggesting to prospective clients you will not be around next week?


A3. Numberite has been around 8 years and have many clients from way before then.  If a client would prefer a business contract at the quoting stage we are also happy to put this in place for them.



Q4. Isn’t VOIP a flaky service and can cause loads of issues?


A4. Not if you do it right and use the right products and use a quality internet supplier. We have had lots of new clients say they have had a bad experience with IP and looking at the equipment and broadband they have in place you can understand why. Like any service or product, you get what you pay for and broadband is certainly one big consideration. Most clients believe broadband is a “Vanilla” product, as long as you have it, it is as good as it gets. This is not the case and using a business quality broadband and yes at a slightly elevated price you receive a business quality product which is fit for purpose and IP.



 Q5. I see you do not mention VoIP, but IP so why is this?


A5. The word “VoIP” has lots of bad connotations, going back to the disastrous days of Tesco VoIP around 2005. Tesco were ahead of their time with a good product but with clients having slow and sketchy internet connections. We, therefore, use the word IP to differentiate between Voice over IP (internet) and using the traditional analogue phone systems.  



Q6. You mention that “IP” phone systems are an advantage over analogue systems, what do you offer over other companies?


A6. Price, easy configuration, portability (i.e easy to take with you when moving offices), flexibility (you can add and remove users as required), no contracts and low call costs. So you can see we feel our products and services are a serious contender when looking to upgrade your current system. 



Q7. Price seems to be a prominent factor in your answers, can you give an example of the cost of a new system?


A7. A new 5 user IP phone system could be supplied and set up for as little as £300, which would include 5 new phones and a new phone number, using a presently installed internet connection. The monthly fee would be £30 per month, plus outgoing call costs. We feel we offer clients real value for money with a Numberite system, but if you wish to compare with other suppliers and find a like for like the better price we would always match this.


While we specialise in No Contract phone systems, we can supply one or two-year contracts to help spread the costs.


Why not give us a call on 01392 241666 to arrange a free no obligation demonstration of a Numberite IP Phone System in your office.  


Mark Bonito
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