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Virtual numbers are like any standard area code landline or can be 0800 or 0330 number but are not linked to a PSTN landline. This means you can have a local or national phone number but without a physical line being installed. So as an example, you could live in London and have an Edinburgh number.

How does it work?

You select a number for the area or national number you require, then any calls received are forwarded to your landline or mobile. Much the same way an email is forwarded.

What type of numbers can we have?

We can supply 01 or 02 National (geographic) numbers for anywhere in the UK. 0330 or 0845 which are low rate national numbers and 0800 Freephone numbers. These numbers are also called non-geographic.

What can the numbers be used for?

They have many uses including:


Tracking advertisements – different numbers can be used for different adverts and allow you to monitor, using a web portal how many times the number is called.


Allows you to run a business from a mobile but advertise a landline.


Move to a different area and take your landline number with you


Advertise to another area, if you live in Bristol and would like to advertise a number to clients in Hull, a virtual number is what you need



Employee local numbers – if your employees or remote workers are distance from your office, these numbers can help keep the call charges down.



Approval numbers – if you are looking to win contracts in a different area, these numbers can help you to appear local.

How much will it cost?

There is no setup fee and each number supplied will be only £5 per month +VAT. Calls diversions are then 2p to a landline or 5p to a mobile, per minute. 0800 numbers also add 5p per minute for the incoming portion of the call.

How many numbers would I need to get a discount?

If you purchase 5 or more numbers we can offer discounted rates.

Will you tie me to a long contract?

No, there are no contracts, you just pay up to the end of the month and the numbers are gone. So great for short advertising campaigns or when you need a temporary number.

Can I call out using the virtual number?

To do this you will need our “1 User” phone system, where you are supplied a virtual number and 1 phone extension. This way you can receive and make calls using your virtual number.

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