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Are you a managing a small/medium sized business, but need a better phone system solution?  It might be that you are missing important calls or feel you are paying too much, if so read on…


Numberite has been helping businesses since 2008 navigate the myriad issues that traditional telecoms suppliers have given them with a simple, low cost phone system solution.


We supply phone systems from one user through to larger businesses as well as remote workers, mobile workers or multiple sited offices  




Numberite can supply a land line (PSTN) install up to a 50+ phone system, supplied and installed. Our systems are based around IP technology, i.e route calls over the internet from any location to allow home and office workers to work seamlessly on the same system at different locations. For businesses looking to cover different towns with different area codes, we have our “Virtual Phone Numbers” allowing for centralised offices to appear in different locations.


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