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No Contract

Non Contract Basis


Our Hosted Phone Systems, Virtual Numbers and Call Answering Services are supplied on a non contract basis. We supply the service on a month to month basis and should you give notice during the month it can be terminated on the last day.

We supply standard PSTN (Landlines) on the same non contract basis with no cancellation fee, so great for short term office lets or seasonal businesses.


ADSL is supplied on a month to month basis although there is a cancellation fee of £30 should the service be cancelled rather than transferred out. An exception to the non contract option is that should you take an unlimited package this would be on a 12 month contract.


The exclusion…


Fibre Broadband (FTTC) is supplied on a 12 month basis with the same £30.00 cancellation if not transferred out.  We are looking for a supplier who will offer this service contract free and will update when this is found.


“The Contract” – “Supply and Support Agreement”


While our business ethos and USP is “No Contract” we are able to offer contracts for systems of over 5 phones/extensions. The contract offers a fixed term from 1 to 5 years, which will allow us to fix the cost of calls and extension price for a set period. The contract can include the cost of handsets spread over the term of the contract. Our contracts are on the basis of a “Supply and Support Agreement”, where we supply all equipment, services and support for a set period of time. At the end of the period ownership passes to the client on the last day of the contract for £1.


Please call Numberite on 01392 241666 to discuss contracts.