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Marketing Agents


We can help marketing and advertising companies gain more business with a Numberite “Virtual number”.


As your clients advertise their business using your services, by recommending they use a “Virtual number”, they and you can monitor the advert or marketing campaign via a web portal. All calls are logged on our web portal showing details of calls received, times, dates and length of call and more importantly if the call was answered. With our add-on, “virtual PBX” call recording can be added to see how these calls were handled.


Clients can be supplied multiple virtual numbers for different area’s or for articles in different magazines, newspapers etc., then tracked to see if the advert or marketing is working for you. 


How are they used?


1) To show how marketing is working, i.e. are you receiving calls in response to adverts.


2) Advert changes or differences can be tracked.


3) Location tracking, i.e. what type of advert works in which location.


4) Stats show times of day and days of week to allow tweaking of staff availability.


 This information is great to see what is working and can be used as proof by marketing companies when clients want proof a particular advert is or is not working.


There are also options for 0800 or 0330 numbers to allow clients to advertise nationally, where they may have only been local.