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Here we aim to answer common questions…



What is your business all about?


Numberite’s business is based around Virtual Numbers and Phones systems.


Virtual Numbers allow incoming calls to be diverted to a land line or mobile. They can also be used for a Fax to Email service, where faxes are received at the exchange and sent as an email with a PDF attachment of the fax.


Our Hosted Phone System, which is a virtual or cloud based phone system that allows desk top or software phones to connect to it as long as they have an internet connect.


The Phone System can be supplied as a “Single User System” with advanced call management, ie Auto-attendant, voice recording, timed diverts and call recording, or as a “Multi-user Phone System” managing multiple phones within one or more office or remote locations. Phones can be linked and accessed remotely allowing free calls between offices, home and remote workers.


To see a comparison of our services check out our “Services Comparison Table”.


What services do you offer and how much do they cost?

We offer phone related services, including Virtual Phone Numbers (tracking numbers), Single User Systems and Phone Systems; which are detailed here.

We also supply Standard landline (PSTN), Broadband (ADSL and Fibre), along with networking and network equipment.

You say you don’t sign us for contracts, is this true?

Yes, except for Fibre broadband which is 12 months. All our other services are pay monthly, so you can end your service at the end of the month. ADSL has a termination fee, if you cancel rather than transfer out but this is usually around 1 months use.

You charge via Direct Debit, how much will be collected?

We set out all our charges in advance and you will receive an invoice prior to any payment being taken. You are also guaranteed under the “Direct debit guarantee scheme” that if money is taken that you do not agree with, this will be returned to you.

Can you explain your call charges?

There are 2 types of call charge which can be applied depending on the service you select “Forwarding” or “Outgoing”. With our Virtual Number only service – there is a “Forwarding” charge, where the incoming call is forwarded to your mobile or landline, at 5p and 2p per minute respectively. With our Phone systems there are Outgoing charges calls made to mobile or landlines at the same 5p and 2p per minute respectively. The only other fee is for where the number we supply is an 0800 number; you pay for the incoming part of the call at 5p per minute in addition to the forward or outgoing fee. All prices are plus VAT at the prevailing rate.

I do not want to pay via direct debit, can you take payment another way?

Yes, but… Our costs are kept low by using direct debit and automated process, so taking manual payments does cost more. If you are willing to pay 6 months in advance, via cheque or BACS, we are happy to take payment this way. You will be invoiced on the 5th month for a further 6 months. There will be a £5 charge each time a payment is made to cover costs. Still no contract and should you give notice we will return any outstanding payments. 

I have one virtual number and want to make calls from this, can I do this?

Yes, by using our “Single-User Phone System”, this service uses an IP handset which will allow you to make and take calls. There are no incoming or forwarding call fees, so only saving on making calls.

I am moving business premises but want to keep my number, can you help?

Yes, if you are moving out of your business area, then we can port your phone number to our service and this can then either be forwarded to your new number or you can use one of our hosted phone systems to make and take calls.

Why do you charge more for 0800 numbers?

When anyone calls an 0800 number the person calling is not charged for the call, therefore we charge a few pence per minute to cover the cost of this part of the call. If the number is diverted to a mobile or landline, this will be in addition to the divert fee.

What is an 0330 number?

The 0330 number is a national (non-geographic) number similar to an 0845 but is charged at a local rate. Therefore any calls to these types of number will be included in your “minutes” from a mobile or seen as a local call from a landline.

What is an “070” number? And why does it cost so much?

The 070 number is not a mobile number but rather a “Follow me number”. They are not linked to a geographic location and are similar to a virtual number is so far as they divert to a mobile or landline. The can cost up to 50p per minute to call.

How long does it take to setup a virtual number?

You can setup a Virtual Number in just a few minutes using our Virtual Number order page Virtual Numbers

What happens if I move?

Both our Virtual Numbers and Hosted Phone system are completely portable and can be moved to your new office. Simply disconnect your phone handsets and reconnect to an internet connection in your now office.

What happens if the internet connection I am using fails?

We would always recommend installing a secondary internet connection for fall-back and calls can be set to fall back to office mobiles or go to voicemail.

Why do my calls occasionally breakup or have issues with call quality?

This will be due to either the quality of your internet connection or that your bandwidth is insufficient for the use. We can liaise with your ISP to find the cause of this and give an indication of what else is using the internet. Processes like listening to DAB radio, streaming video or continuous uploading may give call quality issues, should this be the case a second internet connection should be looked at.