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Tele-Conference Room

Tele-Conference Room



Simply put, a tele-conference room is a location that 2 or more people can speak together over the phone.



Each person can either call in to a conference room from their home, office or mobile phones, or where the conference room is part of a phone system, can join by dialing an internal extension.


Conference rooms are free as part of a phone system but can be setup as a standalone service. We would supply a local or national phone number which feeds to a single conference room.


The room can then be accessed by calling the local or national number from any phone, and greeted by a welcome message. There are options to allow Pin codes to secure the room and also to allow the person entering the conference to announce their name.


Stand-alone conference rooms are supplied by the day at £3 or by the month for £10, billed for using direct debit. There are no additional fees, unless you require an 0800 number as your national number which would incur inbound call fees.