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Call Answering Service – Casi

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Numberite offers businesses a Call Answering Service “Casi”  to take calls  when you are busy. The service can be used with your own landline, mobile or as part of a Hosted Phone System.  


Casi is supplied on a “No Contract” basis and can answer calls between 8 am and 8 pm Monday to Friday.


Casi also allows your calls to be forwarded to a mobile, play an Auto-Attendant option (i.e. press 1 for Tom), divert to voicemail or answered by your own Virtual Receptionist – Casi.


When choosing Casi to take your calls you will be allocated a free phone number for the area you require. Casi can also be added to your Hosted Phone System to act as an extension or appear like an employee in the business, i.e. as a Virtual Receptionist.


Call Answering Service

Casi can be set up and start taking your business calls  within a couple of hours.  The service is supplied to you for £20 per month with calls taken by your Virtual Receptionist charged at £1 per minute. When a call is received the message can be forwarded as an email to you free of charge. When messages are sent via SMS there is an additional charge of  20p for each forwarded message. 

Setup is a matter of supplying a few contact details and direct debit set up. Following this you will be supplied a new virtual number to either forward your calls onto or given out to clients for them to call.


Nearly there, we will then setup your Casi Call Answering System to allow calls to be managed within your business, with options for:



  Timed management of calls

   Voicemail boxes – which email a recording

   Recording of all calls – listen to how your calls are answered 

   Message player – to give out information to callers

   Call hunting – to call multiple mobiles or landlines

   Call tracking – see who called you and when 




Casi can also be supplied as a Casi-Lite option. This service removes the person answering the call and instead sends all calls to  voicemail which are then emailed to you. The Casi-Lite is only £5 per month enabling you to manage your calls where only a voice message is required.


View our video and see what Casi can do for your business.


Call Numberite on 01392 241666 to discuss our Call Answering Service and speak to Casi.